"The average effects of psychotherapy are larger than the effects produced by many medical treatments." -American Psychological Association


"Anxiety disorders are present in up to 13.3% of individuals in the U.S. and constitute the most prevalent subgroup of mental disorders."

                           -Pharmacy & Therapeutics

Therapy Services

We are a comprehensive behavioral health resource serving the East Lakeview community, and greater Chicagoland area. Our therapeutic interests for children include: ADHD, anger management, anxiety, depression, social skills development, peer relationships, and academic underachievement.  While the practice works with youth ages 6 to 18, our specialty is elementary boys displaying challenging behaviors. Whether parents choose individual, or family therapy, they will play a pivotal role in supporting lasting changes outside of the office. We provide coordinated support with other service providers, caregivers and school personnel.  

Our young adult clients typically range in age from college graduates to those in their middle 30's.  We specialize in challenges related to careers, relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, and all adulthood related transitions.  Our action oriented approach allows clients to examine thoughts, feelings, and patterns of behavior in order to make small, but powerful, changes. If, and when appropriate, we encourage participation from client's support networks.